What to put in a stroller in the winter?

What to put in a stroller in the winter? 

Merino stroller pad

A great thing for a winter stroller is a merino pad, which provides warmth from the bottom of the stroller. The pad is double-sided with merino wool on one side and organic cotton on the other side. The pad is universal and can also be used for sitting babies.


Non-falling blanket in a pram

A waterproof non-falling blanket that can be used as a footmuff is also a very practical helper. The non-falling blanket fits into all prams - classic and golf. Together with the merino pad in the pram, it can fully replace the stroller bag. We make non-falling blankets from various materials, the most popular are with merino wool. They can also be used as play blankets or picnic blankets.


Stroller bags

All our stroller bags are waterproof. Stroller bags are universal and fit into all strollers. We produce stroller bags with lining made of merino wool, organic cotton and an economical version with fleece lining.


Stroller Hand muffs

We produce muffs for the classic handle of the pram and gloves which can also be used on separate handles of the pram. The muffs are in the same composition and colors as the stroller bags and are suitable for a set with stroller bags and non-falling blankets. Your hands are warm and dry all winter long and you don't have to worry about putting on and taking off your gloves.


Insulated blanket not only for a stroller

Insulated blankets have a wide range of uses, they can be used in a pram, car seat or at home instead of a duvet, or as a play blanket. The upper side of the blanket is made of fleece, the lower side is made of cotton and the inside is insulated with antibacterial hollow fiber.